Chaya Heller's Autobiography

Nowadays it’s common for people to write books that celebrate their accomplishments and process of self-growth. So Far, So Good was motivated by something else entirely. In fact, it almost didn’t get written because the author, Chaya Heller, was afraid to glorify herself in any way.

Chaya hesitated 100 times before finally plunging in and beginning the project. And what finally persuaded her was the possibility that telling her story might encourage others who had faced similar spiritual, emotional, and physical challenges. She once joked to her husband: “I have a hobby. I collect diseases.”

So Far, So Good documents her experiences growing up and living in Canada as an art student and ski enthusiast. Her unquenchable thirst for truth led her on a worldwide quest until she found what she was looking for in Jerusalem.

Chaya was an artist and creative personality. Everything she set out to do, including building her family, her artwork, the creation of Beit Natan to support cancer patients, her work as a therapist, and this poetic autobiography are all touched by her brilliance.

As she wrote, “We are all snowflakes, falling from the sky, landing, and making our unique impact during our short existence in this lifetime. My snowflake journey continues to be transformative. It is this physical and spiritual journey that I wish to share with you.”

As you hear her strong, lyrical voice in the pages of this book, she will undoubtedly inspire you.

"So Far So Good" – 161 pages including 8 pages of color photographs, and Chaya's photographs and paintings.