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CBE Round Table Conference

Breast Cancer Educational Outreach

The Beit Natan sponsored round-table meeting on the role and place of Clinical Breast Examinations (CBE) in the Israeli health system was held at the Share Zedek Medical Center on March 31st with the sponsorship of Healing Across the Divides. The event was attended by representatives from the Meuchedet and Leumit Health services, as well as leading breast surgeons, gynecologists, and representatives of major organizations involved with women’s health. The major conclusion was that CBE has been determined not to be used as a screening test for the early detection of breast cancer, but should be included in the overall annual health assessment of healthy women.

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CBE Female Doctors Training completed

Beit Natan

In spite of Israel’s astounding medical advances, the Israeli medical system has few female medical practitioners who are empowered to perform clinical breast examinations. With a grant from "Healing Across the Divides", and "Susan G. Komen for the Cure", Beit Natan recently completed its first in a series of training programs to increase availability for CBE’s for high risk population groups as well as younger traditional women who would not normally opt for a CBE from a male practitioner. Beit Natan initiated a coalition of support from all 4 HMO's, the ICA and Share Zedek Medical Center. We thank our advisory board, Dr. Oded Olshoy, Dr. Moshe Carmon, Dr. Diana Fleisher and Dr. Tanir Allweis, for their time and commitment, both during the course, and the training practicum hours. Special thanks to the Hadassah Henrietta Szold Nursing School for their support and the use of their premises.

With the success of the first program, plans are in the works to research the efficacy of gender specific CBE training and its usage by underserved/traditional populations in Israel.


Breast Cancer Educational Outreach

Breast Cancer Educational Outreach & CBE Continues

Beit Natan's breast health education outreach continues to hold both lectures and opportunities for women to be checked by our specially trained female physicians. The CHAP program is funded by "Healing Across the Divides" Foundation. In mid-November, Mrs Chaya Heller spoke about the CHAP program in the NY area as well as Baltimore. This past summer, Mrs. Heller lectured at the Nursing School in the Sieff Hospital in the city of Zefat, helping the students better understand the special health needs of Haredi women. In July, grantees of "Healing Across the Divides" presented their community based health outreach programs to community workers from the "Shahaf" group, and the Gandyr Foundation. [In the picture above: Nurse Kormon, Chaya Heller, Dr. Dianne Fleisher of "Bishvilech," and Dr. Prost at the outreach session in Beitar Illit.]