Chaya Heller, MsC, OBM – Executive Director. In 1996, Mrs. Chaya Heller founded Beit Natan – women’s health resource and cancer support center and serves as its Executive Director. She received a Bachelor in Communication Arts from Ryerson Polytechnical College, and a Masters in Clinical Sociology from the University of Northern Texas. Prior to founding Beit Natan, Mrs. Heller worked in publishing and advertising, and, as Director of Beit Natan, besides her responsibilities as administrator, was involved in community based healthcare and patient support. Chaya passed away peacefully in her sleep on Friday morning July 6, 2012.

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More than 300 women and girls gathered on August 21st  for a evening in rememberance of Chaya ז"ל. We were honored to hear a drasha » from the author of the Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh series. The Rav spoke about mesirrus nefesh of a "choleh." We were also honored to hear words of chizuk from Mrs. Zippi Kaufman » and from Chaya's daughters, Yehudis and Nechama ».
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