December 2010

"Chemo #1" –a painting by one of Beit Natan's patients

Under the motto of “Together We Will Thrive” Beit Natan will be journeying with some 100 women at the end of February to the Nir Etzion Hotel in the Carmel Forest for a few days of refuge and respite. The retreat helps combat the exhaustion and frustration cancer patients face from the struggle of maintaining a job, house and family while caring for themselves and their treatment. Through the group setting of the Retreat, patients receive emotional support, meet others with similar experiences and symptoms, and learn coping and management skills that provides them with renewed strength not only to survive but also to thrive.

Accompanied by social workers, oncologists, and other professional facilitators, the women participate in medical lectures, self-awareness workshops (relaxation breathing, laughter, coaching), recreation (jeep rides, exercise, nature walks) creative workshops (jewelry making, art and painting, make-up tips) and entertainment. As new buds sprout up from the Carmel’s blackened landscape, it is our hope that the Retreat participants will gain hope and inspiration from nature’s resilience, to cope with the struggles ahead.

For some of these women it is the first time they will have the opportunity to stay in a hotel but many of our participants are not able to pay even the subsidized fee that we request.

Please sponsor a participant in the 2011 Retreat for Recovery in the Carmel Forest by making a donation today.  



 Over 3000 women attended a Women's Health Day Eventon October 27th, at the National Convention Center in conjunction with the Susan G. Komen Israel Race for the Cure.

As part of the special activities being sponsored by the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Jerusalem at the end of October, Beit Natan held a Women’s Health Day to raise awareness and educate Haredi women in regard to health in general and early detection of breast cancer in particular. The event attracted 3,000 women from throughout the country, who, in addition to health lectures and workshops, received a CD on Early Detection of Breast Cancer.

Highlights of the event included a lecture by renowned lecturer, Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi and a Chinese Auction of gifts donated to Beit Natan. Picture Gallery »»

Healing and Halacha - Rabbinic Conference on Women's Health and Breast Cancer

Healing and Halacha - Rabbinic Conference on Women's Health and Breast Cancer

Beit Natan, recently organized a conference in conjunction with the the Falk-Schlesinger Institute and Noga Clinic at Shaarei Zedek Medical Center to publicize and educate community rabbis the issues concerning women’s health and the halachic implications.
The conference was attended by fifty Rabbis as part of the Komen activities during the week of the Race. In addition, Beit Natan published a book on Women’s Health and Jewish law which was handed out at the conference. The collection of articles covered topics on women‘s health and their sources in Jewish texts, such as: fertility, pregnancy and birth, and prevention of diseases prevalent by women. A video of the conference has been produced, with the hope that, along with the book, it will be used to reach more rabbis worldwide.


Beit Natan’s Support Programs


the autumn/winter cycle of support programs have begun including a new class in Movement Therapy which has proven to be very popular.  




Lev Rachel

A 2-month training course for new volunteers has begun. Over twenty cancer survivors and caregivers are being professionally trained to become mentors and buddies of new cancer patients. The women have come from a wide range of backgrounds and individual experience, but all share the desire to pass on to others the support and help that they have received from Beit Natan.  

Community Health Activist Program


Community Health Activist Program (CHAP)

Beit Natan's breast health education outreach continues to increase the opportunity for women to be checked by our specially trained female physicians. A new training program for twenty doctors, in coordination with the Meuchedet and Leumit Health Funds has been completed at Hadassah Hospital and directed by Mrs. Aviva Yoselis, a women's health specialist with a Masters in Public Health.

A concluding conference of the three year project to be held in March seeks to publicize and promote changes in the usage of CBE in the Health system.  The three year CHAP program has been funded by "Healing Across the Divides" and the recent doctors training program by Susan G. Komen for the Cure.