Fall 2009

Breast Cancer Educational OutreachBreast Cancer Educational Outreach & CBE Continues

Beit Natan's breast health education outreach continues to hold both lectures and opportunities for women to be checked by our specially trained female physicians. The CHAP program is funded by "Healing Across the Divides" Foundation. In mid-November, Mrs Chaya Heller will be speaking about the CHAP program in the NY area as well as Baltimore. This past summer, Mrs. Heller lectured at the Nursing School in the Sieff Hospital in the city of Zefat, helping the students better understand the special health needs of Haredi women. In July, grantees of "Healing Across the Divides" presented their community based health outreach programs to community workers from the "Shahaf" group, and the Gandyr Foundation. [In the picture above: Nurse Kormon, Chaya Heller, Dr. Dianne Fleisher of "Bishvilech," and Dr. Prost at the outreach session in Beitar Illit.]

New Winter Session

New Winter Session of Support groups & Workshop Start

These days, Beit Natan's center is buzzing with activity. Support groups for the newly diagnosed, those in treatment or in more advanced stages meet during the evening hours, while the new workshops such as Art Therapy, Ching Kong (Chinese exercise) and musical choir are in full swing., meeting weekly during the morning. These new creative workshops have generated a lot of interest and have tremendous therapeutic value!

Mother & Daughter's Retreat

Mother & Daughters' Forest Retreat- 9.9.09

Wednesday, September 9th, was a first for Beit Natan…. We went out, deep into the Jerusalem (Aminadav) forest to enjoy a fun filled day of bonding, sharing and just plain fun!! Our cancer patients, along with their daughters, (ages 14-25) enjoyed outdoor "forest challenges" activities, a delicious BBQ and a kumsitz sing-a-long. Beit Natan's professional staff, plus a large supporting staff of ambulance, security guards, forest rangers, musicians and caterers made the event a tremendous success. Hopefully, this first time event will continue to grow from year to year.

One Day Getaway

Over 100 women enjoyed One-Day-Getaway

They came from all over Israel gathering together to join forces in their fight for life. Beit Natan's summer getaway for women coping with cancer included workshops using therapeutic sculpture and art materials, and individualized workshops such as, "Positive thinking", "The ability to forgive and forget", "Open your heart with art" . The program ended with the entire group enjoying "Laughter the best medicine".
Everyone enjoyed Russian musician Aaron Kotler, who performed using his unusual musical instruments (everyday objects), and told his amazing Aliyah story, and how he turned "lemons into lemonade."
Special thanks to the Louise Wasserman Youth Hostel, for donating the space and our generous donors who supported the workshops.

 Beit Natan's Staff

Get to know Beit Natan's staff !

Beit Natan's professional staff are very dedicated to their work. But working with women with terminal illness takes its toll on everyone involved. Therefore, Beit Natan provides ongoing staff supervision to enhance our level of professionalism, and avoid burn out. Clinical supervisor, Jenny Yafa Edry, a psycho-therapist with a specialty in oncology organized the special art session under the theme "Giving from the Heart". The session was led by art therapist Danit Shemesh. In attendance were Miri Mazeh, Sarit Elmaliach, Michal Azulai, oncology social workers, Chaya Heller, CEO, Nitza Goldish, home-hospice visitation co-ordinator, Ester Zemel, Help-line co-ordinator. Leah Ekstein, CFO, Chaya Gulthelp, events co-ordinator.

Breath Therapy Course

Course for Professionals on Breath Therapy

A select group of professionals took part in a 64 hour (stage 1) training course in Breath Therapy. It was given by Idit Kubelsky, a trained and certified instructor from "Intergation Concepts." The course covered a wide range of mind/body therapeutic techniques, involving learning the 'circular' breathing cycle, guided imagery and the sub-conscious release of blocked emotions that are held in the body. Beit Natan hopes to host more training courses to enhance professionals in the "helping professions" to help cancer patients and their families.