Letter from Yaffa

5 Elul 5772

Dear Heller Family,

Since we moved to Maaleh Adumim several years ago, Bayit Vegan news arrives, but usually  late.  And so I heard about Chaya's petirah only a week or two after the shiv'ah. It was a real makkah.  I hadn't even known that she was ill, although when I met her  in the neighborhood this past year she looked very frail.

But Chaya always looked "frail".  With her captivating, shy smile, she was like some wispy, delicate creature… soft spoken, gentle and genteel. There was an aura of innocence and chein  about her. Yet she had presence and "class".  I remember  when she first showed up in the neighborhood with her backpack, you could not help but feel that she was someone different and special. But that frail looking exterior was deceptive.

Frail as she seemed, she wasn't made of inferior stuff like iron or steel which crack when under sufficient pressure. She was made of titanium – defined in the dictionary as "lustrous, very hard, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and pliable". I think that's almost a perfect description. She was  lustrous and full of light; she was strong and sensible, down-to-earth while she remained "light" enough to fly high.  Always "pliable" – able to listen, hear and relate to everyone - she was absolutely "corrosion-resistant". Pure, unadulterated titanium!

There was a temimus  about her – pure, whole, wholesome. And she was chessed personified – always giving, optimistic and determined to discover the right path and then keep to it. She was a pillar of strength. I always left her feeling ashamed of all the things I might have done and didn't because I hadn't been as determined and as giving as she was.

I missed the shiv'a but I did go to the Azkarah last week at the Guest House. Your daughters were wonderful.  That night, I read Chaya's book and since then she has been in my mind's eye non-stop. I see her, hear her, imagine her radiant smile. I cannot imagine that she is no longer here.

The ways of Hakadosh Baruch Hu are strange (to us) but perhaps the deeds of people are stranger yet. Who would ever have imagined that the cute, smiley, innocent-looking young hippie who had floated in from who-knows-where would build worlds and leave her mark on G-d's City?
Chaya walked through life like a lamp, lighting the way for others to see and follow. She was a special blessing and we are all poorer for her having been taken away.

Y'hi ratzon that in her z'chus, you and your daughters will be the recipients of countless brachos from here on.

 יהי רצון שהמקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים ושנזכה לגאולה השלימה במהירה.

With blessings and נחמה and wishes for a כתיבה וחתימה טובה.


P.S. Please forward our condolences to Chaya's mother.