Mother-Daughter was founded in response to the difficulties teens face with their mother's diagnosis. The activities are designed to foster bonding with their mother, offer peer support through others facing the same challenges and provide much needed respite from the extra responsibility which falls on their shoulders due to their mothers' disability. The program is facilitatied by a psycho-oncologist and consists of workshops and joint activities. The program climax takes place outdoors as a bar-b-q/picnic and a Ropes Challenge Course. In addition to the therapeutic aspects of the challenge course (such as team and self development, increased self-esteem, and improved confidence in the areas of problem solving, trust, and communication), the setting and food act as a buffer in allowing the teens to bond with each other.


Mother & Daughter Art Therapy Event

Mother & Daughter Art Therapy Event

Women coping with cancer, and their teenage daughters, came together during Hanukkah for a special art therapy session led by Danit Shemesh. The participants wrote about their expectations and feelings, which were then addressed in each family art project. “Danit asked us why we drew the things we did. The interaction was amazing. There was a lot of togetherness,” said one woman. “My illness has been very scary for my 19-year-old daughter. She felt alone, and she didn’t want to talk to anyone about it,” she added. “Beit Natan’s mother-daughter events have really helped my daughter open up. She’s become good friends with another girl in the group, and it has made a big difference for her. Now she realizes that she’s not the only one going through this.”

Mother & Daughter's Retreat


Mother & Daughters' Forest Retreat

Wednesday, September 9th, was a first for Beit Natan…. We went out, deep into the Jerusalem (Aminadav) forest to enjoy a fun filled day of bonding, sharing and just plain fun!! Our cancer patients, along with their daughters, (ages 14-25) enjoyed outdoor "forest challenges" activities, a delicious BBQ and a kumsitz sing-a-long. Beit Natan's professional staff, plus a large supporting staff of ambulance, security guards, forest rangers, musicians and caterers made the event a tremendous success. Hopefully, this first time event will continue to grow from year to year.