Rabbinical Conference in Share Zedek Hospital

Beit Natan, hosted a conference in conjunction with the the Falk-Schlesinger Institute and Noga Clinic at Share Zedek Medical Center to publicize and educate community rabbis the issues concerning women’s health and the halachic implications.

The conference was attended by fifty Rabbis as part of the Komen activities during the week of the Race. In addition, Beit Natan published a book on Women’s Health and Jewish law which was distributed at the conference.

The collection of articles covered topics on women‘s health and their sources in Jewish texts, such as: fertility, pregnancy and birth, and prevention of diseases prevalent by women.

A video of the conference has been produced, with the hope that, along with the book, it will be used to reach more rabbis worldwide. Click here to view the schedule »

One Day Community Leaders Seminar

Beit Natan hosts periodically special one-day seminars to provide professional tools to strengthen the participant’s personal resilience to better deal with the difficulty and sorrow that accompanies the exposure to the pain of others. Beit Natan, through its vast experience with supporting families coping with cancer, has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and expertise which it wishes to share with those who through their employment or communal work deal with the difficult issues surrounding people with life-threatening diseases.