Support Groups

Cancer challenges people differently, depending on cultural experience, family situation, individual background and stage of the illness. In the battle for good health, emotional issues are tantamount in importance to the physical ones.


Beit Natan’s Support Groups enable cancer patients and their families to move from a state of emotional torpor and fear to one of determination and hope.


Beit Natan's Support Groups are geared for the newly diagnosed, those in treatment and those with metastasized breast cancer. Sensitive, professional social workers act as facilitators during the 10 session weekly groups. The groups are intentionally kept small -- no more than 12 participants in each -- and all sessions remain confidential.


Often support group members continue the strong relationship outside the ‘formal’ Beit Natan framework, visiting at home and during hospital stays, and maintaining steady phone contact.


“I feel at ease with others who are going through what I am. They give me the strength and faith I need to care for myself and my family.”