Newsletter Spring 2009

Boca Raton Art Lovers Tour - Another Great SuccessBeit Natan

Once again, Boca Raton Friends of Beit Natan enjoyed an
inspiring visit at the Palley Glass Pavilion/Lowe Art Museum,
University of Miami. The exhibit was truly a sight to behold! Myrna Palley, Art Glass collector and a sponsor of the Pavilion guided the group. Once again, Beit Natan graciously thanks Mrs. Joy Schreiber and Mrs. Eleanor Dover for organizing the tour. Over the past six years, their combined efforts have raised over $70,000 for the women of Beit Natan.

2009 New Spring Session begins at the Beit Natan Center

Our new spring schedule offers something for all cancer patients and their families. Set to start the first week in May, new groups will begin for patients newly diagnosed or presently in treatment, (available in English or Hebrew) and a new "After treatment" group. While it would seem that women would be eager to ‘simply’ return to their previous lifestyles after completing chemotherapy treatments, Beit Natan psychotherapist Jenny Edry explains “that many dynamics in the household have changed, and the women find it hard to revert back to what was. Moreover, there is always the question of ‘what if it returns?”.

In addition, the special support group for husbands whose wives are presently ill will continue under the direction of therapist Rabbi Aaron Freedman. We are pleased that the men's group has drawn such a positive response,” says Chaya Heller, Director of Beit Natan. “Cancer is really a family affair, and we want to support both the husband and wife, each according to his/her individual need."

Nutrition & Cooking Classes, Creative Workshops get started

This year creative workshops will be offered on an ongoing basis. Patients can participate in bi-weekly art therapy, drumming, movement, breathing and guided imagery sessions. In addition, a "Healthy Nutrition and Cooking Course" will be offered by Mrs. Tami Katz. Participants will learn how good nutrition can enhance recovery from cancer, and will benefit from cooking their own delicious, nutritious meals!!

CBE Female Doctors Training completed

Beit Natan

In spite of Israel’s astounding medical advances, the Israeli medical system has few female medical practitioners who are empowered to perform clinical breast examinations. With a grant from "Healing Across the Divides", and "Susan G. Komen for the Cure", Beit Natan recently completed its first in a series of training programs to increase availability for CBE’s for high risk population groups as well as younger traditional women who would not normally opt for a CBE from a male practitioner. Beit Natan initiated a coalition of support from all 4 HMO's, the ICA and Share Zedek Medical Center. We thank our advisory board, Dr. Oded Olshoy, Dr. Moshe Carmon, Dr. Diana Fleisher and Dr. Tanir Allweis, for their time and commitment, both during the course, and the training practicum hours. Special thanks to the Hadassah Henrietta Szold Nursing School for their support and the use of their premises.

With the success of the first program, plans are in the works to research the efficacy of gender specific CBE training and its usage by underserved/traditional populations in Israel.

Beit Natan

Seventy women with cancer enjoy a fun-filled and inspiring Retreat

“Renewal: A Physical and Spiritual Journey” was the theme at Beit Natan’s winter retreat. A generous grant from "The Myra Reinhert Foundation sponsored the event, now in its sixth year. 70 women living with cancer participated in informative seminars & workshops, such as the art of diet & nutrition, laughter, breathing, art, drumming, dance, reflexology, swimming, hiking and more. Participants returned home with their batteries recharged to face ongoing chemotherapy and other debilitating cancer treatments. Thanks to Beit Natan's psychotherapist Jenny Edry for the programs design, and Mrs. Chaya Gotthelf for its implementation. Special thanks to all the volunteers who put their heart and soul into making this a truly memorable event.

If Cancer Returns!!!

Beit Natan continues to cater to the special need of Metastasized patients. Sarit Elmaliach will continue her group for these women, and a special 4 session group on family dynamics & communication will be led by Hadassah psycho-oncologist Michal Brown.

Beit Natan volunteers keep giving!!!

Beit Natan is proud of its 200+ dedicated volunteers, located throughout Israel. All our volunteers complete an intensive professional training program before they serve the patient population.

The "Lev Rachel" hotline volunteers are recovered cancer patients who "man" the hotline - offering important peer support to the newly diagnosed. Hatomechet, Beit Natan’s Home Hospice Volunteer Visitation Program places volunteers from all walks of life in the homes of seriously ill patients, offering companionship and time-out for stressed family caregivers. Volunteer groups are presently operating in Greater Jerusalem, the Gush Dan region, Haifa/ Zichron Yaakov area, and Ashdod.

"Volunteering at Beit Natan has taught me to treat the sick individual as a person with very specific emotional needs. I do not deny the patient her feelings. Rather, I have learned how to let her talk about what she still wants to do and how she can best live her life.” C.G., Hatomechet Jerusalem volunteer