Training for "Lev Rachel"

A woman suffering from cancer can share much of how she feels as a woman, wife and mother in a simple phone call to Beit Natan’s telephone hotline. “Lev Rachel”, Beit Natan’s telephone hotline, is manned exclusively by volunteers, mostly recovered cancer patients. Volunteers undergo special training in our 1 week program given and supervised by social work professionals.

The Lev Rachel Volunteer Training takes place over 5 sessions, each lasting for 2-3 hours. Participants are comprised of women who have experienced cancer firsthand, either themselves or through a family member. The training is conducted by health professionals with topics including listening skills, communication tools, role playing, family dynamics, and identifying the needs of newly diagnosed patients.

E. is one of “Lev Rachel’s” volunteers, who together manage more than 500 phone calls a year from women around the country who need to unburden their hearts to someone else who ‘understands.’


“I remember once I received a phone call from a woman. I was able to offer her more than professional advice and a listening ear. I could also offer her friendship.”