Winter 2013

Teens spend day in Jerusalem Forest

It was a great day for the 40 participants of Beit Natan's Teen Survivors Program who spent a day in the forest at the entrance to Jerusalem.

Over the course of the past year, young ladies who had lost a parent to cancer came together every six weeks to bond and to grow. Through therapeutic workshops and delicious food the girls gained tools to help them overcome the challenge of having lost a mother or father.

The program culminated with an outing in the Sacher Gardens. The beautiful weather and great atmosphere was the perfect backdrop for the 40 girls and young women, including seven sisters, who gathered to face their loss head-on.

With three different challenging physical activities, two therapeutic workshops and a lavish lunch, participants found closure, created lasting bonds and garnered the inner strengths they have been building all year.

We thank Jewish Child's Day of the UK, the Miller Foundation of Vermont and the Argus Foundation of Florida whose generous financial aid made this day an unforgettable experience.


Summer Retreat

Beit Natan's annual summer retreat was held as usual in the Beit Ha'aracha in Bayit Vegan. 70 women, cancer patients and volunteers, joined us for a full day event to gain continued strength and coping skills.

The program started with a lecture by Rav Manet who spoke about the upcoming holidays. Next was Sarah Ziv, who led the women in a movement workshop. After lunch the women broke into four groups, to attend a workshop of their choosing – either psycho-drama, volunteers workshop, social games for enhanced understanding or Plasticine with Sarit. The day ended with music and song with the Kalifa girls. Participants left with renewed strength and tools for the struggle ahead.


Upcoming Chanukah Party

Beit Natan's annual Chanukah Party will take place on Tuesday, December 3, the 7th light of Chanukah, at the Beit Ha'aracha in Bayit Vegan.

For more details and to register contact Lea at 02-6446052 or


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