Winter 2015

Couples Retreat for Recovery

Nearly 40 couples joined Beit Natan for our Couples Retreat for Recovery in the Nir Etzion Hotel. The 3-day break last month gave couples a chance to spend time away from the hospital and treatments. Instead they reconnected with themselves as individuals and as spouses, with others facing the same challenges. The women were pampered; in fact for many it was their first time staying in a hotel.


Accompanied by professionals, couples took part in workshops, lectures and entertainment. The schedule was planned to empower couples to build a relationship around crisis, with the goal of strengthening their relationship and providing them with appropriate and effective tools to continue in their struggle.


Participants came from all over the country and at different stages in illness. The widow of a man who passed away just a week after the retreat told us that "This was the perfect way to have to part. Where else could I have connected with him and separated from him before saying good-bye forever?"


Thank you to the Friedberg Foundation – Yedidut Toronto for their generous support.



Tu B'shvat Party – Festival of the Trees

In honor of Tu B'shvat, Beit Natan hosted a mother-daughter event at the Beit Ha'aracha in Bayit Vegan. Forty mothers and daughters joined us for a laughter workshop with Yehudit Kotler. Through song, dance and laughter, the women felt a release from cancer, with the laughter strengthening them emotionally and physically.


The second half of the event was psychodrama on the subject of the tree. The women broke into groups of two, in which one lady was a tree statue and the other sculpted. This was followed by the women choosing a picture of a tree and explaining how it spoke to them. Continuing the theme, the event ended with an arts & crafts project in which women made a necklace charm in the design of a tree.


Women's Retreat for Recovery

The annual Retreat for Recovery will take place February 17-19 in the Nir Etzion Hotel.



Beit Natan visits LA

Nitza Goldish returned from LA excited about her outreach. After presenting Beit Natan to communities and philanthropists, locals volunteered to further spread our name to other congregations in the area. All those who Nitza met with showed great interest in our activities; apparently there is no organization like Beit Natan in the U.S., providing such a wide a range of services.


Advancing Haredi Women's Health

Beit Natan has joined the research group to advance Haredi Women's Health in Israel. The first meeting was held at Beit Natan and included a group of women working in health in the Haredi sector, from hospitals to HMOs to non-profits. The group took up on themselves to do more research into the needs of this population and how to meet those needs.



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